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Monday, May 31, 2010

Aseri Orkester 101 - Lõppakkord

Tanja performance Tina Turner's song

Tanja Mihhailova shines in Club Hollywood with David Guetta songs

Never better said ....
Tanja shone UV light in Club Hollywood with David Guetta songs. Here some pictures of the event.

Fantastic performance and wonderful colors!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tanja new song "Stay with me"

Since this week is now available on album "Maagiline" of the band Violina in which Tanja sings the song "Stay with me."

You can buy the album in mp3 shops internet "http://www.muusika24.ee" and "http://www.beatnet.eu". I hope you like it and you can enjoy this song!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dance of colors

This saturday 29 may (23 h.) "Dance of colors" in Club Hollywood, Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn. The best songs of David Guetta by Tanja!!! Wow!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Video Tanja in Laulud Tähtedega 2010

Video compilation of the best moments of Tanja in Laulud Tähtedega 2010. My small contribution!.
I hope you enjoy and remember that you can come to "Facebook" and sign up to the group of fans that we have about Tanja (Tanja Mihhailova Fännclub!). We can talk and exchange views on Tanja. We hope!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tanja finishes in the second position in Laulud Tähtedega 2010

It could not have been!. The couple formed by Tanja Mihhailova and Margus Hanson have ended the contest in the second position after a great final full of emotion and big performances.

  • "Another Country Song" 27 points
  • "Põgene, vaba laps" 30 points!
  • "Isamaa ilu hoieldes" 30 points!
The couple of Lenna and Artur they did very similar punctuations in your three songs up to coming to a final tie to 87 points. The public had to decide telephonically and finally the hearing inclined for the couple of Lenna and Artur which were done by the sum of 300.000 krooni that will be for benefit of Pärnu's school for young persons with special problems.

I am sure of what Lenna must be very satisfied in today, since he has been the public who has recognized him this prize as compensation after had not could the final of the "Eesti laul 2010". We congratulate the winners and continue encouraging Tanja in future projects.
And also now I encourage all the fans of what you form a part of fans' club of Tanja in facebook!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tanja Mihhailova in Facebook!!!!

Tanja in Facebook!!.

Tanja's varied professional life and his fans' increase in the last months has made me think what there needs a fans' club not official in whom we we all could exchange opinions about Tanja and this way of filling this empty space still in Facebook... and before what someone has the idea ... since I have created it!. I wait for my all!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Interviews to Tanja

Interview realized yesterday to Tanja and to Lenna in TV3. Only two days are absent by the great final!!. What an emotion!. I hope that you help Tanja and to Margus which they could win.
On Sunday night after the final and during Monday special article on the contest in "Tanja not official blog". I hope that you like!!

Immediately afterwards, video of the interview in "publik" on Tanja's choice like the most sexy girl artist of the year and Uku Suviste like more sexy boy artist in the awards of the magazine "Kroonika". Undoubtedly this one is the triumphal year of Tanja!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final Laulud Tähtedega 2010

Finally the page of the contest in the "Facebook" have voted and finalists have chosen the songs by the great Sunday final.

Tanja & Margus: "Another Country Song", "Põgene, vaba laps", "Isamaa ilu hoieldes".

Lenna & Artur: "Cool Vibes", "Kirilinnu laul", "Ilus oled, isamaa".

Wow!! "Another country song" has been one of my favorite songs of always. In this link of my channel you can see Tanja's action in "Nightlight duo" in the performance of the Eurolaul 2002.

Already it had desire of seeing a version updated of this song!!

In Õhtuleht magazine wanted to some proffesionals (music managers, choreographers, singing teachers, media specialists) compare Lenna & Tanja to say who have better changes to win in "Laulud Tähtedega". Lenna is a great artist and one of my favorite ones but .... my vote is for Tanja evidently!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

One year with Tanja!

One year with Tanja!!
How the time happens! ... already for one year I initiated this blog. It has happened very rapidly!. I am satisfied because I believe the aim that one had proposed it is obtained: to spread Tanja's talent for Internet. I was finding unjust that an artist of this magnitude was little recognized out of Estonia. If she had born or living in another country as The United States or United Kingdom already would have some GRAMMY!.

Before what they were closing my first channel of music in "youtube" practically there was no Tanja's video in youtube not in the network. I did my first passes of slides and after efforts in contacting ETV I could acquire the videos of both performances of "Nightlight duo" in Euroulaul 2002 and 2003 and upload them in the network, neither was the only video clip "Vihmane päev"... up to coming to the point in what we have come in what I already am not in Youtube, now there are many videos on Tanja and I already have my own channel of music "pep1000"... The problem is that some day they will cancel the account of other companions who put videos on Tanja until they are entities with permission.

On having be created youtube in 2005 and to finish "Nightlight duo" in 2003 the popular band I do not introduce directly in the network. They entered directly the bands that were sounding in that moment. My simple pass of slides of "Miks ma ei suuda su maailma muuta" came to 52.000 views in youtube and the video clip "Vihmane päev" 27.000 views. Exactly in December, 2009 one of the reasons of the end of my channel was have put "Vihmane päev" in order that the people could enjoy it... From Greece, Canada or Japan they had said to me that it was the best song to that they had listened in his life... (to see my history in http://pep1000.wordpress.com/welcome-to-my-channel/).

Let's return to speak about the blog.The blog has enough daily visits and to the being in English it has more international repercussion and one tries to achieve that they could follow it people of all the countries.

The numbers are not deceptive. Thanks to the count installed from December, 2009, they have visited the blog coutries from Estonia (more than 4.000 visits), USA, Spain, Finland, and up to very distant countries like India, Saudi Arabia or Malaysia. The Internet power is infinite!

The most emotive moment was in December when I could for the first time communicate with Tanja across a "on-line" interview in the magazine "Ohtuleht" and Tanja answered us saying that she already knew the blog...
Now we are to a week of the final of the "Laulud Tähtedega 2010" where Tanja forms a part of one of two pairs finalists. She will compete against Lenna Kuurmaa probably one of the most famous singers of Estonia. If Tanja and Margus Hanson wins her reputation it will increase furthermore!!.
I wait to return very soon with good news!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tanja needs your support!!

The magazines already are speaking of the final of the Laulud for May 16. Many fans are encouraging Lenna Kuurmaa in Vanilla Ninja's different not official web pages...

We have to do the same thing with Tanja. Now it is the moment to encourage Tanja and Margus!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tanja and Margus medley Laulud Tähtedega

Here you have a video of the best moments of Tanja and Margus in seven weeks of contest.
I hope that you like. We support to Tanja!!

Tanja has classified for the final of the contest Laulud Tähtedega

Tanja in the final!!!

After two eliminatory rounds, Tanja and Margus have achieved 28 points in the song "Kiss" and 29 points in the song "Kus kulgeb kuu" obtaining the first square in the day of today and classifying for the final of the day 16 of May!!!!. Congratulations!!!!

Has not been able to achieve the final the couple formed by Tauri Tallermaa and Merlyn Uusküla obtaining 48 points in total.

Tanja and Margus will compete in the big final against Artur Talvik and Lenna Kuurmaa.

Expect that they have a lot of luck. From here will support to the couple.

Video "Kus kulgeb kuu"

Video "Kiss"

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The photo of the month

Our artist Tanja, in these moments is very versatile in your work. We can see her competing in TV, representing in theatre, interviewing her in radio and press, without forgetting her live performances.

Spirit !! We are with you !!