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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Interview to Tanja Mihhailova as Madonna

Photos of Tanja Mihhailova as Madonna

Already we can see photos of the third program "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt," where Tanja Mihhailova as Madonna.

In this link you can see other participants - http://pilt.delfi.ee/album/281435/?page=1

Remember the program it is issued every Sunday at TV3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tanja Mihhailova at Heakorrakuu 2013

As the last year, Tanja Mihhailova will be in the event HEAKORRAKUU.

You  can find our artist next 20th of april between 11h and 14h at "Lasnamäel Kivila pargis" of Tallinn.

More info: http://www.tallinn.ee/est/heakorrakuu/Heakorrakuu-1-3

Tanja Mihhailova in the cover of the magazine Kroonika

Photo by Ardo Kaljuvee

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tanja as Mihkel Raud with the song "Annabel"

Below Tanja Mihhailova's video at the show "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt" chapter 2.

Mihkel Raud "Annabel". Good job dear Tanja! 

Photos of Tanja at second program "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt"

Winner of the second program Tanel Padar

Our artist will be for the next program Madonna :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tanja as Cher with the song "All or Nothing"

Below Tanja Mihhailova's video at the show "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt" chapter 1.

Cher "All or nothing". Good job dear Tanja!

Photos of Tanja at first program "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt"

Winner of the first program: Hanna-Liina

Our artist will be for the next program Mihkel Raud :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The song "Destination" at event Bastion spring/summer 2013

Last March 8 presented spring / summer 2013 collection of the brand Bastion at "Klubi Teater"

This style is respectful, feminine and sensual for woman who appreciates quality and elegance; Bright colors and an abundance of detail, which is only a part of the Bastion versatility.

We mention this new because Tanja Mihhailova's song "Destination" was present in the event.

Below video event:

More info: http://liein.eu/2013/03/08-03-2013-fashion-in-teater/

Tomorrow our artist will be Cher :)

Thursday, March 07, 2013

New music show with Tanja "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt"

We have good news for all fans of Tanja!. She will return this month from March 17 (20 h.) in a show of Estonian TV TV3 called "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt" -Your Face Sounds Familiar-.
This famous show has his origin in Spain and due to his great acceptance between the public it is spreading over diverse countries. In this show diverse famous competitors in his country of different facets (artists, humorists, singers...) they sing and interpret songs of famous artists. There is a juror who will think and count every week who makes it better. 
We have desire of seeing Tanja interpreting Shakira, Madonna, Witney, Michael Jackson...
In this first edition the presenter of the show will be Mart Sander and the juror will be formed by Eda-Ines Etti, Andrus Vaarik, Elina Pähklimägi and Olav Osolin. The competitors of Tanja will be: Getter Jaani, Peeter Oja, Evelin Võigemast, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Tanel Padar, Henrik Normann and Karl-Erik Taukar.
The weekly prize will be 1.000 Euros for a charitable entity chosen by the winner. The prize of the last program of the final winner is 10.000 Euros destined too for a charitable reason.
Let's hope that she spends it to him well and obtains a good result. We will enjoy very much her performances!.

Trailer TV3  

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tanja with her tribute to Madonna at Club Amigo

Next event with Tanja ... Friday, March 8 :)

Video of the musical "Viimane Kauboi" by ERR

In this link you can see a video of the musical "Viimane Kauboiat Endla teatre.

Our artist appears in minute: 1m 42s after her impressions while makeup professionals do their job.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Yesterday Tanja in the role of Lucy

The first photos of the premiere of the musical "Viimane kauboi" at Endla Teater