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Sunday, May 31, 2009



Tatjana Mihhailova (nickname Tanja) was born on june 19, 1983 in Kaliningrad. Tanja was born in Russia, but of very young woman she moved with your family to Estonia. Tanja studied dance at the College of Viljandi's Culture. Tanja is in love with the music and has taken part and triumphed in many contests of singing in Estonia and in the similar countries.
She has formed a part of three musical bands: Nightlight Duo (duo together with Ly Lumiste), Jz Belle and Sunday Mood.

Nightlight duo: It has been the best bands of music techno melodic of Estonia. The group advanced with the help of the producer Top Ten and of Sven Lohmus, the author of almost all your songs. At the beginning of December, 2001 your first disc and cassette appeared "Jäljed liival" -Tracess of the sand-, incorporating super hits as "Veel kord" or "Miks ma ei suuda su maailma muuta" -Why I cannot change your world- in my opinion the best song of electronic music of the world (Sven Lohmus's masterpiece!).

Your brilliant second album "La fiesta del sol" -Party of the sun-, it appeared in May, 2002. It was incorporating gentle hits as "Vihmane päev" (the unique video clip of the band!) and "Another country song" nice ballad country with a nice dance.

Your more notable successes were the participation in the show "Fizz superstar 2002" and Eurolaul of 2002 with the song "Another country song" obtaining 2 place and on the following year with the hit "I can b the 1" obtaining 4 place. If they could have gone to Eurovision representing Estonia, the future might have been different. Ly remained a pregnant woman (2004) and was a motive of the dissolution of the band.

For your part, Ly also has worked in solitarily, together with appearances in "Mr. Happyman", popular juvenile band in the one that was singing together with Sven Lohmus.
From 2004 Tanja already she appeared before the public with the name of your new band "Jz Belle".

Jz Belle: The idea of the Jz Belle's first album consists of a new combination of the dance version of the hits more acquaintances of the music disc of the 70s and a spectacle of energetic and very glamorous dance. To the group there belong also the beautiful Viktoria and Natali, professional dancers and friends of Tanja of the dance college.

Jz Belle was chosen by popular vote to take part in the musical "Fame", who appeared in the city of Tallin in autumn of 2006. On August 6 the band had the opportunity to propaganda be done on having taken part like support band in the concert of Status Quo in Haapsalu. In November, 2006 there went out the album of JZ's début, "Teemant" -Diamond-, with your song of entry "Kaasa mind vii" -Take Me with you- and your song "Sõbranna" -Friend- of a certain flavor to scandal. If the first album was containing contemporary arrangements of the hits disc of the 70, in your new album there is opened Jz Belle's much more artistic facet. In Teemant there are 12 original songs in Estonian, written specially for her. The grand concert of presentation of Jz Belle's new album took place on November 22, 2006 in the Rock Cafe. In the presentation there was also the famous composer of music pop and winner of several Gramy, Stephen Nowles, who invited Tatjana to The United States to record.

The best songs of the album are precisely the songs that at first did not have to be the singles: “Sind nii kaua pole olnud siin” -You haven’t been here for a long time- and “Sind Ikka Ootan” -I am still waiting you- romantic ballads accompanied of a powerful voice and a very good melody, where in addition violins appear.

After the ending of "Jz Belle" Tanja has taken part in numerous musical (Pussycat dolls, Queen the doors of time...) has taken part as nice presenter in television (Teler tv) up to joining the Swedish band "Sunday mood" (2009) with your previous composer "Jz Belle" Timo Vendt.

Since 2009, year of foundation of this blog, you can follow the career of Tanja in this blog, in her plays, performances, television shows and new musical career. Enjoy it!.

Biography elaborated from own information and of the web "allstarz.ee"