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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday mood photo!!

A great exclusive!!:
Alex Federici, founder of "Sunday mood" sends this photo of a test with Tanja in the "Cafe Opera".
Thank you very much for the gift!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The photo of the month

With the summer heat, a nice and cool image... :-)

Interviews Estonian magazine "Reporter"

Interesting video of Tanja and Mikk Saar appeared in the magazine "Reporter" last May 2, 2008.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New album Tanja (Sunday Mood)

Amazing news !!

Tanja has joined the musical Swedish band "Sunday Mood" and already there are your songs to buy in Itunes. 

With the song "Take Me" the Swedish group could have finished your album. A lot of luck to Tanja in this new facet of melodic music!!

More information (in estonian language!):

Nightlight duo - Vihmane päev

The years have happened and sadly Tanja only has this video clip that did the year 2002 with Nightlight duo. We wait eagerly for a new video clip of our favorite artist.

"Vihmane päev" what so interesting song!: good melody, something sad, the nice voices of Tanja and Ly, the rainy day... a perfect video clip!.

For the present time I you put this link of a video of a user of youtube. I had this video put some time ago in my channel in youtube and the EAKO (organization of Estonia for the copyright) cancelled my account. If they were erasing to this user the account already I will put the video in "blogger" Tanja's blog. Enjoy it!