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Friday, February 26, 2010

Interviews to Tanja Mihhailova and Mikk Saar in the day of the independence of Estonia

Video of the interview to Tanja Mihhailova and Mikk Saar in the dance celebrated by the president in the day of the Independence of Estonia

Information: publik.delfi.ee

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tanja and Mikk entering the official receipt


Tanja and Mikk coming to the receipt of the president Toomas Hendrik Ilves and your wife Evelin Ilves.

Photos: Ohtuleht.ee


Once ended the dance and the rest of the official act, the two left very satisfied.

Photo down: elu24.ee

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tanja and Mikk Saar in the day of the Independence of Estonia

On the same evening the concert has taken place in the theatre Vanemuise of the day of the Republic of Estonia. We see the entry of Tanja Mihhailova and Mikk Saar to the event.

It is one very cold day and it is necessary to take a good coat on the nice suit!.

Foto: "elu24.ee"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tanja in the reception of the President

As every year many celebrities attending the reception of the President and this year has been invited to the reception Tanja Mihhailova annual Independence Day, 24 February, with the president, Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

She was thrilled when he received the invitation and the ball with the President and will accompany her boyfriend Mikk Saar to the event.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Video Tanja & Swingers

Another song of Eurolugu 2010 !!!!

Swingers, Tanja Mihhailova & Mikk Saar "Svingime Koos"

Friday, February 12, 2010

Videos Tanja

I you remember that all the Tanja's videos of now and in your previous bands you have them available in my channel of music (Pep1000 channel). Come to visit it !!


Valentine's day special with Tanja

Tallinn's newest nightclub VABANK will officially open doors today, February 12. The club is located in the historic bank building in the heart of Tallinn on the corner of Vabaduse square and Harju street at Harju street 13.

Tomorrow will be Valentine's day special featuring DJ Kikko J, Tanel Kuusk and Tanja!!!!! You cannot get lost this event!!!

Tanja in the contest "Eurolugu 2010"

Our artist takes part in "Eurolugu 2010" of Kanal 2 "Reporter" and Reporter.ee's collaboration with your new section.

Two singers compete between with your respective enterteining songs.
The program of news "Reporter" shows only in a minute the participants with your songs and they open the telephonic lines in order that the spectators could vote for one or another singer. The one who receives more votes will go on to the following round.

The complete versions are in the page Reporter.ee, section "Eurolugu 2010". And that of our artist here !!

Interview: Tanja vs Mihkel Ratt.

We support Tanja until the final and in order that she is our winner of Eurolugu 2010 with the song "Falling star"!!! And let's be able enjoy it!.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tanja's video in the program "Erisaade"

Interesting performance of Tanja with Madonna's song "Like a prayer" in a curious version ... enterteining or polemic?

Video "Kiss of Spiderwoman" in Vanemuine

Finally we can see images of the performance " Kiss of Spiderwoman" in The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre.

We are going to enjoy it !!

Next performance on February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The photo of the month

Wow ! super photo !!

Tanja in action !!!

New video Sunday Mood

Already have you seen the new video of "Sunday Mood" that I have done?

Come to my channel and look at my version of "Take me"!!!


Monday, February 01, 2010

Next activities of "Sunday Mood"

I copy textually the message that us there has sent Alex Pier Federici of "Sunday Mood" relating to the next activities of the band:

"We all worked in different projects lately so no concerts in a near future but we will soon . Also I wrote other songs for Sunday Mood and see with the record company when we can start recording those new ones!
All the best from Sweden!!

We expect to see prompt these new projects of the band. Many successes friends!!