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Monday, October 31, 2011

Collage & videos, Laulupealinn october, 30

The last sunday, our favorite artist we have surprised with two new and original performances.

Here we leave you the collage of the week and the videos with the songs.

Tanja already is between the three classified first ones and her city "Kohtla-Järve" with your splendid artists has stayed high up in the talent of Estonia.

I encourage Tanja! The final is near!

Video: Tanja Mihhailova & Küllike Sapovalov

Video: Tanja Mihhailova & Viru JVP ajateenijad

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in TV3 show "laulupealinn"

Today images in the program Laulupealinn

We will see Tanja the near Sunday!!   We are full of happiness!.

Song: Forget You

Song: Kaunimad laulud

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in TV3 show "laulupealinn"

Next Sunday, the 30th of October, in the program "Laulupealinn", Tanja Mihhailova will sing the song " Kaunimad laulud " with eighteen soldiers of infantry.

In this show Tanja every Sunday has a new challenge... Let's hope that she manages to continue next weeks. Very much luck!

Tanja Mihhailova program young ENTRUM

Tanja Mihhailova was present on October 26, 2011 for the program ENTRUM 2011-2012.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Performances in Saku Suurhall

In Tanja Mihhailova Fännclub's wall in facebook, a fan has informed us that our artist transformed to be Beyonce and to personify the Pussycat Dolls on October 21 in Saku Suurhall.

We are grateful for the detail of having found out and from here we encourage ours all to do the same thing.


Pussycat Dolls

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Collage, video & interview Laulupealinn october, 23

Here we leave you Tanja's nice performance of this Sunday and an interview with her for "Delfi.TV ".

What a sweet performance!. Tanja continues next weeks in the show with new challenges... and let's hope that she will overcome them like always without problems.

I encourage Tanja! You're the best!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in TV3 show "laulupealinn"

Next Sunday, the 23rd of October, in the program "Laulupealinn", Tanja Mihhailova will sing with the child Kermo Vinkler, very known for his participation in the program "Laulukarusell".

The song that they will defend is «Tere läks kaduma». In this show Tanja every Sunday has a new challenge... Let's hope that she manages to continue next weeks. Very much luck!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collage & Video Tanja Mihhailova & Tiit Kuusmik in Laulupealinn october 16

Collage Tanja Mihhailova and Tiit Kuusmik (Together with them Virgo Veldi as saxophonist) with the song: “Sinu hääl” in the program Laulupealinn, october 16.

Here Link the full program Laulupealinn, october 16

Ep. 3 Tanja's performance

For Tanja Mihhailova it coincided two events the same day "Laulupealinn" and ABBA's show "Thank You for the Music".

The solution for be present in both, has been ingenious: Tanja was recorded in advance to the show of "Laulupealinn" and directly it was possible to see her by means of videoprojector singing with Tiit Kuusmik in perfect tuning.
It was the whole prodigy of ingenuity... with a magnificent song sung perfectly. The public prize is genius and Tanja continues in the show next weeks! Congratulations Tanja!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in Chicago 1933

Tomorrow 19 october in the restaurant Chicago 1933 !!!

Show: Tanja Mihhailova tribute to Madonna More information: http://www.chicago.ee/

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in the show ELU VEINIMÕISAS II

Watch the episode six of ELU VEINIMÕISAS II below:

Tanja video "Vihmane päev"

Although this video is already a few years (2002)... so far is the only one where our favorite artist Tanja Mihhailova appears. "Vihmane päev" is a gorgeous ballad by great Sven Lõhmus and is one of the main hits of Nightlight duo album "La fiesta del sol".
The video on a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere explains a rainy day where melancholy is very present in our protagonists. Together Tanja appears Ly Lumiste is the flip side of band.
I've always had problems with this video on youtube... never let me put. Interestingly one of my channels on youtube so long I canceled this video. Do not know what happened to these copyrights... and other videos change no problem.
Tanja followers have to be able to view this video of his youthful years... I put it directly on the blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Collage Tanja Mihhailova & Perekond Räitsak in Laulupealinn of october 9

Collage Tanja Mihhailova & Perekond Räitsak with the song: Fell in love with an alien in the program Laulupealinn of october 9.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in TV3 show "laulupealinn",

Video act of Tanja in ep. 2 Laulupealinn. Enjoy it!

Interview Tanja Mihhailova after the show Laulupealinn

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in the event: Venus and Mars

Collage Tanja Mihhailova in the event "Venus & Mars"

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Collage Tanja Mihhailova in Laulupealinn 1

Collage Tanja Mihhailova and Dmitri Smirnov with the song Jimmy Jimmy in the Laulupealinn of 2nd of October 2011.

Tanja Mihhailova in TV3 show "laulupealinn"

Video of the beginnings of Laulupealinn

Video of the action of Tanja Mihhailova and Dmitri Smirnov with the song Jimmy, Jimmy in Laulupealinn of Sunday, the 2nd of October.

We believe in a contribution of effort, capacity and innovation of the participants.

The new record of our artist we have liked very much!!!

Video of the interview after the show:

More info: http://www.elu24.ee/584192/laulupealinn-sai-hoo-sisse-kelle-etteaste-liigutas-sind/

Tanja Mihhailova in the next events

Tomorrow on October 6: Event: Venus & Mars

From October 7: Event: Thank you for the music. Tribute to ABBA

Every Wednesday: Elu veinimõisas

Every Sunday: Laulupealinn

EMT Lauluriik from MOTION.ee on Vimeo.