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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Donation for Kohtla-Järve's orphanage of 20.000 Euros.

Mr. Toomas Tamm, owner of the chemical company "Kiviõli Keemiatööstuse OÜ" has realized the donation for Kohtla-Järve's orphanage of 20.000 Euros.

The final between Kärdla (Ott Lepland) and Kohtla-Järve (Tanja Mihhailova) in the program "Laulupealinn" was very scolded in votes and it has been the motive that has unleashed this economic gesture and that the children are very grateful.

Tanja Mihhailova was present in the moment of the delivery.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Collage of Tanja Mihhailova in the concert "Dreams"

Collage of Tanja Mihhailova in Joulukontsert "Unistused" on December 21.

She sang together with Chalice, Mikk Saar, Jana Kask, Jaan Pehk, Robin Juhkental, Jaan Pehk, Lauri Pihlap, and another artist.

All photos: http://www.weekend.ee/?gid=5270#&pid=412931

Friday, December 23, 2011

Appears between other artists Tanja Mihhailova in ETV and TV3

Next December 31, ETV and TV3 television coincide with the emission of a program where it appears between other artists, Tanja Mihhailova.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tanja in "Eestimaa uhkus 2011"

Yesterday,  December 18, Tanja Mihhailova in the delivery of prizes in the show "Eestimaa uhkus" of TV3.

It is the recognition of the extraordinary persons and that do of the world a better world.

Tanja has formed a part of the juror

To see show, below:

Photos: Teet Malsroos

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in "Päikese poole" of TV3

Tanja in the episode three of "Päikese poole" below:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tanja will not be in the Eesti laul 2012

I had already made the article about the possibility that existed today for Tanja of qualifying for 20 semifinalists of the Eesti laul 2012.... but lamentably she could not have classified it by the final.

We see in the list of selected artists, classic bad singers who repeat again... other very good artists who deserve another opportunity and his witness ultimately it will have a prize but... our favorite artist is not in this list!.

I do not want to think about other motives for explaining because Tanja is not there...

Tanja's explosion for Europe will will to wait a bit more!.

Do not worry... we are here to help yourself!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December, 15 semifinalists Eesti laul 2012 "Ringvaade" ETV

Next Thursday, December, 15 to live 7 p.m. (Estonian time!) in ETV’s program “Ringvaade” 20 semifinalists of the Eesti laul 2012 will be said. This ETV’s program can watch online…

I hope that we all see the program the best come to the final!. This week everything happens very rapidly.

You can watch “Ringvaade” here!! Enjoy it!!! Link: http://otse.err.ee/etv/

We wish good luck to Tanja !!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tanja will be in Eesti laul 2012 ????

Today it was last day to present candidacies for the contest Eesti laul 2012 (Estonian final phase for Eurovision).

This year 159 participants have appeared... and between these requests, it is of our favorite artist!.Now there is a rapid selection to choose to 20 songs for the semi-finals of February, 2012. This Friday already we will know the verdict....
Let's hope that between these 20 songs will beTanja... She is a great worker and to go to Eurovision would be a way of spreading her songs for Europe and promoting Estonia.

On Friday, if finally, she is selected we will report of the song!
Good luck Tanja!!!

New, video and photos : link http://www.ohtuleht.ee/455885

Link video in ETV - http://etv.err.ee/index.php?05593527&video=2283

Video: Delfi TV

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Renovation design of the blog

For surprise of all, today renovation of the image of the blog!!

We think that it is the best design for these important dates in the calendar.

In addition the type and color of the letter is more modern and innovative.

Let's hope that you like!!!  :)

Design former

Friday, December 09, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in "Päikese poole" of TV3

Tanja in the episode two of "Päikese poole" below:

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Interview to Tanja Mihhailova in the magazine "NaisteMaailm"

The magazine "NaisteMaailm" of December 2011, you will find an interview of our artist.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in "Päikese poole"

From December 1, TV3 offers the series "Päikese poole".

A romantic, exciting and colouring series of fiction of a young woman singer (Getter Jaani).

It treats of the intrigue in the world of the music, a tumultuous relation of love, and lessons of life.

Almost the half of the series is carried out in the south of France, Saint Tropez and his surroundings.

Collaboration of Sven Lõhmus Moonwalk studio & Ivar Musta Greenroom studio.

Our prefer artist Tanja Mihhailova appears in the series of fiction, with a small paper.

Next Thursday, the 8th of December new episode in TV3 !!

More info: http://www.tv3.ee/content/view/8854/819/

Episode: one

Celebrate with Tanja Mihhailova the last day of the year

You will find our artist Tanja Mihhailova & Timo Vendt, on December 31 at 20 p.m. in Nõmme Kultuurikeskus of Tallinn.

More information link: http://www.nommekultuur.ee/uudised.id=2719

If you have got lost the "tribute to Madonna" of Tanja Mihhailova, you can see it on December 31 at 22 pm in the café amigo of Tallinn.

More information link - http://www.amigo.ee/

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova & Timo Vendt in Club Atlantis

Collage Tanja Mihhailova and the saxophonist Timo Vendt entertained the event "Make Up Store" of the club Atlantis of Tartu.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tanja in the Christmas Concert "Dreams"

Next December 21, 2011, between others our artist Tanja Mihhailova will be in the Christmas Concert "Dreams" at 19 p.m.
To buy tiquet link - http://www.piletilevi.ee/est/piletid/muusika/joulukontserdid/?concert=96851

Tanja Mihhailova in the Teatre Vanemuine

Musical Concert " Memory 2012 " on December 11, in the Theatre Vanemuine.

It will be decided by survey, here link form.  http://www.eformular.com/vanemuine/memory.html

Tanja Mihhailova - Party's Christmas Ball

Next December 10, 2011, Tanja Mihhailova will be in the event "Reformierakonna jõuluball"  with her "Tribute to Madonna".

More info: http://www.reform.ee/et/reformierakond/Pressiruum/Uritused/uudis/4471

The photo of the month

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in the free encyclopedia Wikipedia !!!

Today it is an important day for the career of our favorite artist!. 

Now it is possible to find Tanja Mihhailova in the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. It is a good news... Tanja is together with others Estonian singers!. This way other persons who still do not know Tanja could know her work and professional career.

We believe that our versatile artist had to appear in this page!.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova with the children of Kohtla-Järve's Orphanage.

The magazine Õhtuleht interview to Tanja Mihhailova on November 24.

Here link - http://www.ohtuleht.ee/453289 - It treats on the conditions of the children of Kohtla-Järve's Orphanage. For them it was the prize of 20.000 Euros of Laulupealinn's contest in case our artist had won.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tanja in "Eestimaa uhkus 2011"

Tanja Mihhailova will form part of the juror of the annual show "Eestimaa uhkus" of TV3 in December, 2011.

More info: http://publik.delfi.ee/news/kino/eestimaa-uhkus-2011-zurii-kiidab-headus-aina-kasvab.d?id=61789448 and http://www.elu24.ee/637400/galerii-tana-kogunes-eestimaa-uhkuse-zurii/

Interview of the Magazine Õhtuleht to Tanja Mihhailova

Interview of the Magazine Õhtuleht to Tanja Mihhailova, November 22.


Bad news for our prefer artist: She suffers an infection in the top respiratory tract and that her doctor advised not to sing by no means.

Tanja has wanted to harmonize her tight agenda of events with the program "Laulupealinn" with the support of her mate Mikk Saar.

We wish you  to Tanja speedy recovery... and vitamins and medications to take effect!

Tanja Mihhailova in TV3 show "laulupealinn"

Videos of show Laulupealinn 2011 of  Sunday, November, 20 defending Kohtla-Järve

Tanja Mihhailova and Perekond Räitsak - Mu süda, ärka üles

Tanja Mihhailova ja tantsutrupp Radost - Who Run The World

Tanja Mihhailova and Ott Lepland - Final

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova stays classified second in the Laulupealinn 2011

A very intense final but it could not have been:

Though the efforts realized by our favorite artist and the artists chosen of "Kohtla-Järve" have been deserving of winning, finally the city "Kärdla" and his principal member Ott Lepland was the city chosen by the public with his telephonic vote.
In the first round Tanja was sung Beyoncé's song "Who Run The World" and in the second round Tina Turner's song "River Deep, Mountain High". The two as always perfectly interpreted by Tanja.
In the third round it was necessary to sing a typical song of the country, and in this occasion it was the chosen one "Mu süda, ärka üles"
The final was in Pärnu Kontserdimajast in a magnificent scene and the winner of the charitable prize of 20.000 Euros has been for Ott Lepland.
From here we congratulate the winner and encourage our artist to continue to taking part in new shows and new challenges.