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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tanja Mihhailova in "Päikese poole"

From December 1, TV3 offers the series "Päikese poole".

A romantic, exciting and colouring series of fiction of a young woman singer (Getter Jaani).

It treats of the intrigue in the world of the music, a tumultuous relation of love, and lessons of life.

Almost the half of the series is carried out in the south of France, Saint Tropez and his surroundings.

Collaboration of Sven Lõhmus Moonwalk studio & Ivar Musta Greenroom studio.

Our prefer artist Tanja Mihhailova appears in the series of fiction, with a small paper.

Next Thursday, the 8th of December new episode in TV3 !!

More info: http://www.tv3.ee/content/view/8854/819/

Episode: one

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