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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An unknown admirer is keeping up with Tanja Mihhailova's blog

Tanja we have surprised all speaking about her blog to the Estonian magazine "Elu24".
It seems that she this surprised because a stranger man who does not live in Estonia has done this blog and that she has not just understood because she has been the chosen one...
We are going to try to answer: I believe that I am not mysterious... I am a good man :) and she was the chosen one because "Nightlight duo" impressed me strongly when I was investigating Sven Lõhmus's professional career. At this moment so many Ly Lumiste like Tanja they were the aim of my divulgative task. But Ly in this moment was separated of the musical life for familiar questions and I saw that Tanja was continuing her career as "Jz Belle".
Since "Jz Belle" continued impressing this powerful voice and these big songs... Then she was selected because there was a great emptiness in Internet relating to this great artist... Many artists have his fans' club, blogs done by fans, big webs... Why Tanja cannot have this? It is done in English... it is true... probably the blog it would have to be in Estonian but I cannot write in this language. But also it is true that the blog there visit people of the whole world.Today for example in the last minutes: Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and India!.
Also it is true that without Internet I might not do this... I started in 2007 being interested for the Estonian music. For example "Nightlight duo" already had finished his career already about time...
We put the original article published in "Elu 24" and his translation in English

English: An unknown admirer is keeping up with Tanja Mihhailova's blog

Artists get dedicated fans -as does Tanja Mihhailova (29), whose talent has an especially diligent admirer. A man is even keeping up with events about the singer in the blog.
"This admirer is a man living abroad, who is very interested in Estonian music. Why me, I don't know" says Tanja to Naisteleht (Naisteleht is an Estonian publication).
 The singer doesn't even know kind of person he is, but on the basis of the latest communication, the man has left a positive impression.
From the website named after her, Tanja found out accidentally from an email she received from an unknown address that recommended her to visit the Tanja Mihhailova blog.
"I still wonder where and how quickly he found my old pictures and when I have my concert today, he will already have the pictures and commentary uploaded!"