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Monday, November 26, 2012

Two interviews to Tanja Mihhailova "Gemini" album

Our artist granted two interviews. The first one to the magazine "Publik" on November 22.
Tanja is of the constellation of Gemini and this one is the motive that the name of the album is "Gemini" with 12 songs like twelve signs. This one has electronic music and also ballads. The lyrics are written by collaborations with talent, suggestion of her father and inspiration that can come at any time. Most they are with the English language, but there is a duet with Mikk in Estonian.
The second interview to the magazine "Postimees" on November 23.
She says that the name of the album has relation with the Gemini's sign.
It is a disc where we can find songs of love, deception, hope.... all elements of life!.
Tanja have a very good and professional relation with Timo (producer and author of the songs of the album).
Nowadays the production of the video is negotiated. Tanja can reconcile the album with the spectacle Cabaret.

Photo by Kristjan Teedema of Postimees

In our modest opinion: let's hope that finally the song has a nice video. A good song is indispensable close to a nice video. We want to see Tanja in action as the big European stars!!