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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tanja finalist in the next Eesti laul 2014

As always every year, I hear the program "Ringvaade" where they say the finalists corresponding to next Eesti Laul. I knew that our favorite artist had brought a song to the show. According to the translation from one Estonian magazine I understood that on Monday, a girl sent by Tanja gave the song just as the term is ended... For an issue of translation from Estonian to English I could not understand if Tanja had been admitted. 

What was my surprise today to hear that she is the first finalist wiht the song "Amazing" produced by the brilliant as always Timo Vendt. I finally left doubts and I am very happy!!!!. 

From the song "I can b the 1" in 2003 Tanja has never been able to be in the final of the national selection for Eurovision. Remember that unjust classification with gorgeous song "Falling star" and a few years ago. Now finally, the justice has returned to the Estonian pop music and Tanja is at the forefront of the Estonian music and in the eyes of Europe.  

Gradually we will analyze other songs that will compete with Tanja. So far in this magazine more information finalists (in Estonian) Elu24

Congratulations Tanja you have all our support and help for whatever you want!! I am very happy!!!!!

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