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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tanja video "Vihmane päev"

Although this video is already a few years (2002)... so far is the only one where our favorite artist Tanja Mihhailova appears. "Vihmane päev" is a gorgeous ballad by great Sven Lõhmus and is one of the main hits of Nightlight duo album "La fiesta del sol".
The video on a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere explains a rainy day where melancholy is very present in our protagonists. Together Tanja appears Ly Lumiste is the flip side of band.
I've always had problems with this video on youtube... never let me put. Interestingly one of my channels on youtube so long I canceled this video. Do not know what happened to these copyrights... and other videos change no problem.
Tanja followers have to be able to view this video of his youthful years... I put it directly on the blog.

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