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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collage & Video Tanja Mihhailova & Tiit Kuusmik in Laulupealinn october 16

Collage Tanja Mihhailova and Tiit Kuusmik (Together with them Virgo Veldi as saxophonist) with the song: “Sinu hääl” in the program Laulupealinn, october 16.

Here Link the full program Laulupealinn, october 16

Ep. 3 Tanja's performance

For Tanja Mihhailova it coincided two events the same day "Laulupealinn" and ABBA's show "Thank You for the Music".

The solution for be present in both, has been ingenious: Tanja was recorded in advance to the show of "Laulupealinn" and directly it was possible to see her by means of videoprojector singing with Tiit Kuusmik in perfect tuning.
It was the whole prodigy of ingenuity... with a magnificent song sung perfectly. The public prize is genius and Tanja continues in the show next weeks! Congratulations Tanja!!

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