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Monday, March 03, 2014

Eesti laul 2014 - Chronicle of a just and meritorious victory

Saturday, on March 1, 2014, 21:35 h Estonian time. Placed to 3.000 km from Tallinn's distance, for the first time, we have connected a cable HDMI to the computer and we will be able to see the "Eesti laul" for the television thanks to the WIFI installed in the room.

Previous years we saw the show in the computer thanks to the emission on line that issues the ETV. But today the show was more interesting because our favorite artist was there. Everything had to be more spectacular and intense. We have called to a Chinese restaurant of my city and we have food prepared in the table.

It begins the show... and certainly that is slow and boring. The songs were very soft, slightly animated, very little adapted for a show as Eurovision. This year there was no "Freaky" but though the level was not so low as in the previous years, the show me was not reaching to my not special at all one. In fact, in the previous years (Eesti laul 2012) I had realized the chronicle for "Pep1000 channel" that was reporting in English the events of the Eesti laul. But the low level of last years and small hearing made me leave this task...

Up to the moment if I had to choose some song probably it had been Lenna's song but for choosing some song. The awaited moment comes: in the position 9 she acts.The rhythmic and intense song perfectly composed by Timo Vendt, Tanja's powerful voice and the supernatural dance together with Argo Liik, confirmed to us what we already knew: it was the best song with difference, without comparison with no other song. Up to the moment it was another show; now it was entering the real final for Eurovision. In addition a perfect putting in scene with very risky and difficult movements to do singing at the same time. This only it can do Tanja, the best song and action without doubting it!.

The last song was that of the master Sven Lõhmus. Again he trusts in Sandra Nurmsalu to gain the contest. The song is good, as always, with a nice melody, but Sandra already has gone to Eurovision and Sven often... probably now already it is not necessary.

We come to the surrealistic punctuation of the juror to which we already are accustomed of previous years (Thank you Rolf Junior for your punctuation!). Tanja stays in one fourth unjust position and remains classified directly Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band.

Later there comes the inventory of the voting of the public. Certainly I had my doubts relating to the song that the public would choose. I was thinking that the "amazing" performance of Tanja would be more valued by the juror how specialist in music, but it was not like that.

For problems in the Internet receipt in my house, I do not see the punctuation of the three last and best selected by the public... I am very angered for the present time but I know that, as minimum, she has stayed between the three first ones. The aim for my already was made!.

It turns the Internet image in the TV and I see that Tanja hold her friend Timo. We were thinking that she already was eliminated and was an embrace of good made work and we have stayed very well in the final punctuation. But it was not like that...

I return to lose the image for Internet in a few seconds... my heart already could not any more!... What bad luck! the whole contest well and now I am with problems in the receipt... When it turns the image, I see the final voting for both final songs (luck that I know the functioning of the contest of previous years!).

The telephone appears again to vote to the band Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band that is first classified and that I already had seen... and the second song appears the telephone to vote for... for TANJA !!!!!. We remain mute and without knowing that to say... there are no words...

We are petrified in our seats. Without still having breath, everything is very rapid in the final part of the contest Eesti laul... Tanja gains the show... and we still do not know that to say....

After a few tears and a few embraces, she already is lowering the stairs to return to sing ... I still am petrified and she already is prepared. Argo also demonstrates the same cold blood. Only the big artists can do this.

For what always we had waited year after year it had happened in front of our eyes. All very rapid and curious and overcoming surveys not favorable at all to her reason.

The public in the first round also voted as the first option to Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band. Tanja remained second and therefore they would be both finalists for the final voting. In this final round she received 53% of a 57.000-strong vote whereas Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band 47%. For an incredible combination, our artist was happening to be the winner of the contest. For more detail of the punctuations to see the following link.

Always we wonder because not she was not in the finalists' selection for the show in the previous years, when we knew that she had presented some song. Horrible songs were selected between 20 final candidates and always we were wondering... Why these songs?. We remember with bitterness when the mega hit song "Falling star" did not enter not the 20 candidatas "better" for the show of 2010...

And surely it had other years in which probably she presented some song and we do not know it. From the golden age of "Nightlight duo" in 2002-2003 Tanja has not been in the final of the Eesti laul. And this year, 11 years after of that one "I can b the 1" that stayed in fourth position, Tanja in addition gains the show. I cannot believe it!. The night of March 1 I could not sleep very much... A thing is evident: finally always there is a prize to the effort and witness.

It seems that the object of this blog already is coming to his end after almost 5 years (look links here)... We wanted to put Tanja in Internet and in English to spread your work internationally... and for a strange and intense event, the whole world will know Tanja in the Europe's best show: EurovisionI still remember when I was trying to spread the Estonian pop music.. and I was just with bureaucratic problems (look link in Ekspress or in this blog)

The numerous "Eurofans" surely want to know more thoroughly the one who is this extraordinary artist who sings and dances so well... they have this blog to make it already prepared. Surely it will increase the number of visits of very important and unexpected form... 
Some voices say that Tanja's dance in the song remember some previous performance in Eurovision. Probably it is true, but it was undoubtedly the best song and the one that was offering a major visual spectacle. Now in Eurovision everything can happen but... I only say that is in Denmark and Estonia is placed well between the votings of the different Baltic countries. I believe that the most difficult thing already is made!.

Tanja if you were living more nearby I would like to give you an affectionate embrace. I continue without words!...

Josep (Pep1000) 

 Photo by ERR

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