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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tanja Mihhailova's blog: Exclusive Interview to Tanja (Estonia Eurovision 2014)

March 18, 2014: Tanja has been giving us this little interview for all your fans in an important moment for her career. The next 6 May she defend her song "Amazing" for Estonia in the first semifinal of Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen. All the best to Tanja!.

Tanja what entirety you have demonstrated all these years up to managing to go to Eurovision... I know it was more work for you and you were not obsessed with going to the show... but finally you go!... you have a medal to the regularity!

TM: Thanks :) I am patient.
I remind myself of the unjust NOT classification of the hit "Falling Star" in 2011.... From "I can b the 1" How many times have you presented song to Eurolaul or Eesti laul without luck? Often we do not know if you had taken a song... only know the 20 finalists!.

Yes, we sent our songs 5 years in a row and only this year got to the semi-final :) But now i can understand why we didn't get in last times, i wasn't ready :) Now i am :)
The life can change very rapidly true? Will you have to adapt quite your activities to this show? surely Timo Vendt will be in the same situation... you can already congratulate from my part!.

TM: Thanks, i will. Yes, life is crazy at the moment … so many interviews, my first ever video is ready and out :) a lot of work has been done and there's a lot of work ahead. I love it :)

It seems as if already you had a futurist vision: Of your last album "Gemini" 11 songs already were in English... did you saw nearby your international career? ;)

TM: Well :) no … i hoped that some day somebody would buy my album from outside Estonia as well but … now it actually can happen and i'm very happy :)

I thought I understood (March 11) you're doing a video for the song "Amazing". I can not believe it... From the far "Vihmane päev”... You know the time I'm waiting for this moment? Force you Eurovision to do video for the song? or Are you preparing for a successful international marketing campaign?

TM: Yes, we decided to do a video for Amazing. It felt like the right moment to do it:)
An example of the power of Eurovision and your Eurofans: 2 days after gaining the national final, in a forum of opinion about Eurovision in Spain there were 17 pages of comments relating to your song “Amazing”... bads and goods, comments jokers of idiotic people and some comment also suitable and sincere. Are you prepared for this international critique of people who does not know anything about you? Or well you will not lose the time in reading anything of this...
TM: Well… it's a good thing that they're talking about me at all. As far as critisism goes… there will be people who like you and people who don't. It's easy… i'm doing my thing, i've been doing dance music for a looong time now, i've been dancing for a loooong time and i've had this hair cut for almost 10 years now :) I don't see why i should change myself or my music or my personality, so that people who don't like me now would change their minds. Well… no, i'm me and i'm gonna do my thing for people who want to listen to me or watch me perform.
Related to the previous question, you know that there are criticisms concerning the dance that accompanies the song. What do you think? Yes, it may be that we remember previous performances, but without doubt, was the best Estonian song and I would like to see people who can dance like you or Argo!. Only Sandra’song was good but Sandra has gone to Eurovision and Sven often...

TM: It's a good thing that artists start to use contemporary more and more. It's pretty rare at the moment, because people are used to seeing hip hop, show, brake dance but not contemporary. Nobody is screaming that Justing Timberlake and Chris Brown or Usher are copying each other… because it's the same dance style they're using, so lets give it some time for people to get used to "strange" dance style as well. And i can tell for sure that those lifts and balance stuff that we are doing never've been done by a singer on Eurovision stage before :)

I believe that now the most difficult thing already is made. Denmark is placed well between Baltic countries that often are voted between them.... I see a good classification ;) Do you imagine -for a moment, let’s dream!- that you win the show? I would have a friend of world famous!

TM: For me the ultimate thing is to do our absolute best… and to give everything we could give :) of course it would be absolutely AMAZING for us to win but i cannot predict the future so let's just see what future holds for us :)
Well, shortly they you will come an avalanche of interview, we already make you calm... and how always you have this simple blog for you, if you want any thing only you have to say it, if you want you can use this interview... all for you! If you lived closer to me I would give you a big hug... :P I will wish you good luck (and I wish you luck) but you no longer need it... you're on top of your career.
TM: Thank you for your kind words. Big hug to you as well.

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