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Monday, June 23, 2014

Tanja's blog finishes today

Well, a few days ago we did a small survey in the blog where we were asking if we had to continue with this task. Finally, 19 friends answered affirmatively and 3 friends voted negatively. Thank you guys but... this administrator does not continue.
At this moment I am spending a professional slightly complicated life and do not want to dedicate any more time to the blog. This takes me too much time for other more necessary occupations at this moment.
With the period of Eurovision I burned the last neurons that I had... exclusive, intense, passionate and total dedication (We did 79 post!!!)... too much interest in a project that I believe that already it is not necessary. They have been 5 years accompanying Tanja in her brilliant and ascending professional career... If you have come to this post, I would like that you were reading my last intense post summary of these 5 years (2009-2014).
Now to obtain information in english about Tanja, we will have to wait for other volunteers who dedicate his free time for the artist or... follow the information that she says in her own channels in Internet.
Thanks to all!. See you... soon?


  1. Tanja's career is getting more and more successful.
    She'll perform with Andrea Bochelli in days and will release her second single with music video "Forevermore" soon!
    everything Tanja's fans have been waiting has finally came true. She is one of the biggest artists in Estonia and hopefully, with help of ESC, will break through Europe :)
    Even KERLI has mentioned that Tanja has the most potential after Iiris and Ewert from Estonia.
    Thank you for the blog and check still Tanja's FB and homepage! She is a legend. Our Madonna. Our pop queen.:)

  2. Thank you anonymous friend for the comment. Tanja is now in the top of the fame. I believe that she will achieve the success in Europe if she takes unitedly with her actions and concerts a good campaign of marketing in Internet.