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Sunday, May 25, 2014

To be or not to be... Do we continue with the blog?

We do not speak about Shakespeare... but yes of the viability of continuing with the blog. Is it already necessary to continue with the blog? Is it useful for Tanja's career?. 

A few days ago we were doing an extensive article where we were analyzing these 5 years with the blog...

Let's see the fulfilled aims:

  • Tanja already has web official page from November, 2013 (though really it is improvable and there is slightly stuff at this moment...) 
  • Since she gained the Eesti laul 2014 and her action in Eurovision she already is known internationally
  • She already has some international offer that will study her viability...
  • From eurovision already there are numerous interviews in english about Tanja
  • We had the only group of fans on Facebook since May 2010 with only 218 fans... She has now after Eurovision in her page of the Facebook 14.342 fans :) :) and since 2013 also a channel on youtube with 438 subscribers, pinterest, twitter... 
  • We have been the only "meeting point" from 2009 until July, 2012 (creation of Tanja official page on Facebook) for the fans of her that they wanted to read something in english, videos, activities and many photos outside Estonian magazines in Estonian...
  • Since july 2012 we completed the information of the activities of the artist, but are aware that their Facebook page has priority... and since December 2013 we were again the meeting point of all the extensive information about Tanja on Eurovision... (we did 79 post about Eurovision!!!!)
Well... at this point: what do we do? 

Really the aim of this blog was playful but always we have considered it to be useful for the artist... before had a big "empty" on the internet about Tanja and nothing written in english... now I see no reason nor good nor necessary strength to continue... I do not know if it's really useful for the hours used... In Eurovision devoted too much time to blog... many daily hours... I got involved too much effort...  I feel a bit alone in the project.

We invite you to answer this simple poll (Yes / No)... but very important for us (deadline June 1)

CONTINUE? Answer poll at sidebar right!

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