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Thursday, May 08, 2014

First semifinal: Critique of the day later

I already know that now it is very easy to think about the happened. Without doubting Tanja had to be in the final and it would be one of top 5 on saturdays final, but I want to think about the happened. 

Hit song, stylist, choreography, feelings between the couple, makeup, hard work realized... quite perfect, I don't have words, the Estonian team is the best!.

I cannot say anything on what they vote for the associations of Eurovision or the public who often is influenced per the geopolitics and votes to the neighboring country, to the country where he/she was born... but yes that I can think what I saw on Tuesday

With the help of the music expert Telly Ulman, she has made me think a series of details that some I already advanced these night but that she deepens and extends.

We add all the themes that Tanja already was taking dragging: seemed with Loreen (the public has not understood that it could be a complementary performance to Loreen) and the problematics or confusion in the public if she was singing live... the following observations:

· As Telly says, this stage was too big for this dance and song. Unlike the Eesti laul and the video clip of the song, certainly the intimate and romantic atmosphere that has to demonstrate the song gets lost in a too big stage. Probably without lights (everything the dark one), and a few areas lighting them the most striking atmosphere had been created between them...

· Cameras work was not right: I already said that it looked like to me a good idea to begin stretched on the stage and with the camera in the "sky". Nevertheless any change rapidly...

The most common characteristic in the action: cameras very far from the performance. This already I observed it on Tuesday article in the night. Too deep... all very far... no intimacy between them... too much light... In addition Tanja's face is seen very rarely.


Backing vocals? Once or twice, I was thinking that they were not... and yes! Marvi, Kaire and Marilin they were on the corner of the whole scene... Does someone know how they were dressed? Were they handsome?

Backing vocals? on the right corner!
The intimate atmosphere returns to lose, you do not believe yourself the history... The camera focus from very far, again and again... now from the sky!... there are once or twice that once focus from above (they two almost do not meet) and in once one sees up to the whole flight of steps of the public...

From the sky... where are Tanja and Argo?

public? this breaks furthermore the romantic history of the moment...
In the most difficult moment of the whole choreography... the reflections on the stage also seem to me to be guessed right... also the camera had to be one more poc nearby...

This mirror below...
I believe that some spectator will have needed these small mistakes but will not have been decisive for Tanja's elimination. The juror already is different, they know much more of music and they might have been fixed in these details... I also want to add to my comment that any other experts in Estonia, Juhan Paadam in Õhtuleht magazine has also noted some other design flaw or strategy errors (he refers to brown color).

Though I return to repeat that Tanja would be in the top 5 undoubtedly. In the first semifinal there has qualified some country that was not deserving it... and they have forced Estonia to remain out of the final.

The principal motive: I believe that the people have not understood the difficult thing that is to sing and to dance at the same time...

Do not be the one who decided the sights of the cameras and stage design but... I am sorry, it has not been too guessed right... Sometimes the grandeur of the stage can be a negative weapon... The stage of the Eesti laul was perfect for this song and choreography.

This blog has never been of critique always it has been of promotion and spreading of the artist... but all the magazines do, we also want to think.

Already well I have said my opinion... it continues being a terrible injustice not to reward Tanja's and Argo hard work in these months... do not worry Tanja, already you are international!.


  1. I think it was jury's fault, I sent around 11 messages for Tanja on Tuesday night and I know many others voted for her. I can't wait to see the full results from the semifinal votings. I am sure it was during the jury rehearsal when the unfairness happened. Also I saw a video at the start of her song during that rehearsal there were some weird noises, like a metronome or such, whatever that was that it was sooo evil!

    I don't give a damn crap about Eurovision results, for me and for some others Tanja was a clear top 5 of this year. Best wishes and much love from Hungary :)

  2. truly the cameras, lights, stage design... has not helped. Do not know who is responsible for this but... The jury will be punished all... and the public may not understand that it is very difficult to sing and dance at the same time... but without hesitation she had to be between TOP 5... bigger injustice! What bad luck!!!!