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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Interviews to Tanja in Wiwibloggs, escXtra, Esckaz...

Curious interview to Tanja in Wiwibloggs. First question: your hair is real (¿?)... 

They have done the habitual questions to him: you have born in Russia, go many years singing, Where did you find your dancer?, politics themes (Russia-Ucraina) -I believe that this is an innovation!-, and sing to us a few seconds of a song in Estonian (Lenna, Rapunzel)... here Tanja we have surprised... she could have sung "Sind ootan ikka veel" not?... :(

Link with small extract of the written interview.

escXtra: Someone asks of the habitual ones but now at least with presentation and good luck of the presenter in Estonian... Aitäh!.

Esckaz: Good... at this interview it appears version in CD of "Amazing"... Good new! :)

Eurovision radio International: Yes!... she danced contemporary dance long time ago!


ESC Denmark: Favorites songs?: Sweden... and I like Spain, Ruth with beautiful ballad... dancing... this is great... Hungarian song... Tanja already knew Ruth dancing?

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