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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tanja (Amazing) vs Ruth Lorenzo (Dancing in the rain)

Today it has been the first time that I have heard and seen the Ruth Lorenzo's official video clip representative of Spain at the contest with the song "Dancing in the rain". 

Sincerely it has been "Amazing" the surprise... and now I understand many of the critiques that my favorite artist receives from Spain. The choreography of the singer and the dancer... they remember us enormously to Tanja and Argo Liik. 

To see the comparative picture that we have realized... I would say that the similar one is alarming. I am sure that exists a "campaign" of destruction, and always with the artists Loreen and Pink not to mention to her "rival" Ruth Lorenzo that yes... she will go to the final for belonging to one of 5 countries that has the "unjust privilege" of being directly and without semi-finals.

When Tanja acts on February 14 Ruth still had not gained her national final that was a February 22 and in the Spanish show Ruth appears with a pianist in the scene... with this we want to say that Tanja and her contemporary dance belongs previous to the Spanish singer... Really also I have liked the Spanish song... it has a good level but all this is very strange, incomprehensible... 

It is surprised enormously that there are criticize in many international forums only speak about Tanja... or at least we have not seen it... why does nobody criticize Ruth's contemporary dance?.

Every person that you extract your own conclusions, we have thought what we have observed.

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