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Friday, April 11, 2014

Tanja compilation videos... now it is the moment to know more Tanja!

In this blog it has compiled nowadays 148 videos where we can see Tanja singing, in interviews, contests, TV's programs... only you have to go to the label "Videos" of the lateral right bar them to see or to go to the links where they are guarded.
But if you have joined now to the world "Tanja" across "Amazing" and her next participation in Eurovision, probably want to have a rapid idea of her actions. In these videos that I made already some time ago, you can do an idea of since she is our artist in the scene or in your professional career. The medley is done before that she was doing the album "Gemini"... because of it you will not be able to see anything of this wonderful album... Enjoy it!.
Already I know that in three of the summaries there is the same song... but much is that I like it! :)

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