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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tanja in the social networks (opinions about Amazing)

To 22 days of the action in Eurovision and after 44 days of Tanja's victory in the Eesti laul (that rapid spends the time!) the social networks of the whole Europe they have spoken about our favorite artist.

If we notice of the serious comments, I omit the funny and absurd comments about Tanja, we can come to three conclusions: 

The first one: all the "journalists/bloggers", (when I say all they are all) when they speak about Tanja's biography choose the existing biography in the wikipedia in English (that the administrator of this blog did in his moment and later extended and modified by other authors without respect for whom initiated it) or for the existing biography in Tanja's official page. 

Until that she did not put that she came to Estonia to two months in her official page, nobody knew it (everything was in early age). There is few journalistic labor in this facet of many bloggers, only they limit themselves to copying.

The second conclusion: In general opinion, Tanja will have a classification without problems in the first semi-final but according to the "experts" in the final "Amazing" it will get lost in the half of the table.

The third conclusion and the most obvious: Tanja already is international... It is a great pleasure to translate writings on her in all the possible languages... before the Eesti laul we all know the task of this blog which was... 

The references to Loreen and to Pink are endless... and I say what already I said previously: In agreement, some movement us can resemble some previous action but.... who can live singing and dance this way? Does not this girl deserve 12 points? In addition the song is very good... then what?... constant I betting in what she can stay between the top 5 in the final. We already talked with Tanja concerning all these themes and she gave us her opinion on an interesting interview...

But it can be that the "Eurofans" moved by the bloggers and social means could come to the conclusion that really, this already is seen in Eurovision... Every one already is adult and knows what it has to do in the votings.

Now, we are going to do some reference of critiques in internationally blogs about Eurovision:

In the blog in Spanish "Eurovision noche y día" his author Javier Varela says: "Tanja is the best positioned one of the Baltic block in the bets where it occupies 18 place. Though it acts after Latvia (rival a priori weaker), Sanna Nielsen follow your performance and that might eclipse it. Probably manage to happen though possibly, in this case, one brings 10 over more to the position that to the positions of head".

Danny in the blog "Esc-chat.com" says: "I rather like this song and with the mass of ballads this year, there are relatively few female-led uptempo pop songs, so I think this will stand out. I think it’s definitely a qualifier, especially from the first semi-final which is 90% ballads. As for the final though, I don’t think it’s much of a contender as I imagine it will get a bit lost in the mix and it is likely to finish in the upper half of the right side of the scoreboard. I don’t think Estonia would be too disappointed with that result though". 

Pascal Cortina in the blog in french "L'Eurovision au quotidien" says: "Another feature: Tanja dance singing, which is not given to everyone. So, it irritates some who are in it makes her interesting to the public and which have the impression of seeing the Eurovision mix with Dancing with the Stars."

In wiwibloggs.com, Anthony one of wiwi juror says: "If you listen to this entry blindfolded, it sounds nothing like Thomas G:son’s masterpiece. Should history repeat itself this year, I’ll be more than happy to accept Tanja as the winner".

Rich H in The Eurovision song reviews says: "the odds makers currently place Estonia in the middle of the pack. While the bookies are only a barometer, I have to agree with them at this point. My feeling is that it won't be an 'amazing' finish for Tanja".

Perhaps the more curious anecdote it was, as the magazine Elu24 or Õhtuleht says done by the newspaper "The Independent" of Macedonia, in english version, which put the Polish singer Joanna Klepko instead of our friend in the photo of your post... Now they rectified but... there has been a funny story :) yes... it seems a little to Tanja, no? ;)

Well, here you have had a small sample of the critical about Tanja... now your opinion!

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