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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tanja's message to her fans + diferents videos

Well, brief message for her fans but... we will enjoy Eurovision 2014, I you guarantee it!

This second video I have not just understood it very well, but Tanja says that she has hot and the assistants give him air to relieve this hot... and she ends up by saying the slogan of the show of this year "Join us"... good really it stays very well, nicely and enterteining. That fluency that has in front of the camera... there are no words!.

Behind the Scenes day 1 (Estonian team appears minute 1:24)

I have omitted expressly a video with a question where a "fan" were returning to ask Tanja if she was singing "live" in the Eesti laul national final and that already they had done to him in the press conference the same day when the presenter read questions gathered by the fans route twitter/facebook... What boredom!... Tanja already has answered this thousand times...  good answer and forceful but with a nice smile: "Every show I do live!" :) Will this stay already forever understood?, well enjoy "behind the scenes".

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