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Monday, April 28, 2014

Today first rehearsal in Copenhaguen and question to Tanja

Today there is the first rehearsal in Eurovision. Estonian team has hour assigned of 11:20 to 11.50 and conference of press of 13:40 at 14 hours (called Press Meet and Greet). Here the link is with all the schedules.

We have been useful the time and have sent a question to the official page of Eurovision... If we are lucky they will be done to her, will record it and we will be able to put it in the blog... It begins the countdown for the semi-final.

A few public words of gratefulness would be useful for the publishers of this blog to increase our "ego" and our spirits :) 

We have asked him: "Tanja from Estonia: In these so important moments for your professional life... Can you say a few small public words of gratefulness for the publisher of your not official blog?".  

I suppose that though the question is for our interest as bloggers that we believe in her for five years, she will like the question... Tanja is comprehensive, patient and very nice with your fans. I have seen questions that if they end up by doing them to Tanja... "it is a rumor that you sung playback in the final show of your country. Is it true?" No comments!... Let's hope that it happens...

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