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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tanja's message to her fans + diferents videos

Well, brief message for her fans but... we will enjoy Eurovision 2014, I you guarantee it!

This second video I have not just understood it very well, but Tanja says that she has hot and the assistants give him air to relieve this hot... and she ends up by saying the slogan of the show of this year "Join us"... good really it stays very well, nicely and enterteining. That fluency that has in front of the camera... there are no words!.

Behind the Scenes day 1 (Estonian team appears minute 1:24)

I have omitted expressly a video with a question where a "fan" were returning to ask Tanja if she was singing "live" in the Eesti laul national final and that already they had done to him in the press conference the same day when the presenter read questions gathered by the fans route twitter/facebook... What boredom!... Tanja already has answered this thousand times...  good answer and forceful but with a nice smile: "Every show I do live!" :) Will this stay already forever understood?, well enjoy "behind the scenes".

Next May this blog will expire 5 years of life

A curious information to explain... after what Tanja has been in Eurovision, this blog will meet 5 years of existence. It can be a simple coincidence but... in the highest moment of Tanja's career, we're anniversary.  
We are preparing a wide article on these 5 years where we will explain all the successes and failures of this blog, moment to think what we wanted to do and what we have obtained... all that after Eurovision!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet & Greet and Press Conference

Just do her first press conference... has no luck with the question that we had done in the Eurovision Facebook. The presenter has not asked the question to Tanja... :( 

We'll try again next Friday, at the next conference.  

The journalists always wonder the same thing to our artist: if you sings live, your dance is similar with Loreen, she always has to defend contemporary dance, she long ago that sings and dances,  she was born in Kaliningrad, if she loves to Estonia, 11 years ago who knows Timo Vendt... or my English has improved or questions are always the same! what patience is Tanja, she is the best!.

Here we leave you some moments of the interview (captures of screen) and the video by Oikotimes.

Estonia: First rehearsal photos and VIDEO! on stage

Photos from Tanja's first rehearsal on stage in Copenhagen (April, 28)
Photos: Andres Putting (EBU)

 Backstage Estonian team
Photos by Andres Putting (EBU) 

Post about Tanja's first rehearsal by Simon Storvick-Green by Eurovision.tv in this link

Very well... good opinion about Tanja... perfect!!! This girl is magic!!!!

Today first rehearsal in Copenhaguen and question to Tanja

Today there is the first rehearsal in Eurovision. Estonian team has hour assigned of 11:20 to 11.50 and conference of press of 13:40 at 14 hours (called Press Meet and Greet). Here the link is with all the schedules.

We have been useful the time and have sent a question to the official page of Eurovision... If we are lucky they will be done to her, will record it and we will be able to put it in the blog... It begins the countdown for the semi-final.

A few public words of gratefulness would be useful for the publishers of this blog to increase our "ego" and our spirits :) 

We have asked him: "Tanja from Estonia: In these so important moments for your professional life... Can you say a few small public words of gratefulness for the publisher of your not official blog?".  

I suppose that though the question is for our interest as bloggers that we believe in her for five years, she will like the question... Tanja is comprehensive, patient and very nice with your fans. I have seen questions that if they end up by doing them to Tanja... "it is a rumor that you sung playback in the final show of your country. Is it true?" No comments!... Let's hope that it happens...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tanja (Amazing) vs Ruth Lorenzo (Dancing in the rain)

Today it has been the first time that I have heard and seen the Ruth Lorenzo's official video clip representative of Spain at the contest with the song "Dancing in the rain". 

Sincerely it has been "Amazing" the surprise... and now I understand many of the critiques that my favorite artist receives from Spain. The choreography of the singer and the dancer... they remember us enormously to Tanja and Argo Liik. 

To see the comparative picture that we have realized... I would say that the similar one is alarming. I am sure that exists a "campaign" of destruction, and always with the artists Loreen and Pink not to mention to her "rival" Ruth Lorenzo that yes... she will go to the final for belonging to one of 5 countries that has the "unjust privilege" of being directly and without semi-finals.

When Tanja acts on February 14 Ruth still had not gained her national final that was a February 22 and in the Spanish show Ruth appears with a pianist in the scene... with this we want to say that Tanja and her contemporary dance belongs previous to the Spanish singer... Really also I have liked the Spanish song... it has a good level but all this is very strange, incomprehensible... 

It is surprised enormously that there are criticize in many international forums only speak about Tanja... or at least we have not seen it... why does nobody criticize Ruth's contemporary dance?.

Every person that you extract your own conclusions, we have thought what we have observed.

Interview to Tanja at WAF - Videos

An enterteining interview to Tanja in the school of dance WAF where she gives classes.

The difficulty of the choreography remains stated, when the practice a beginner in the dance. Tanja and Argo are patient and excellent teachers.

Tanja Mihhailova begins the journey to Eurovision (photos + video)

All Photos by Erik Prozes
Link full gallery

Interview in Õhtuleht magazine (in Estonian)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Contest of the song "Eurovideo Minu"

Once it has seen Tanja's small video, we encourage you to take part in the contest of the song "Eurovideo Minu" Link on the functioning. On May 12 one will announce the winner

This week Mihkel Raud interview to Tanja Mihhailova in the program of TV3 "Kolmeraudne"


Friday, April 25, 2014

Tanja with Amazing in the eighth position of the EFR12 league 2014 award

This year the prize EFR12 league 2014 it has obtained by Sanna Nielsen, representative of Sweden for the Festival of Eurovision with the song "Undo".
Our prefer artist, with the song "Amazing" has stayed in the eighth position in the ranking. We have done a good marketing but couldn't to be
Both songs are very nice, but let's hope that Tanja is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 at Copenhagen ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tanja already prepares the trip to Denmark!

This next Sunday Tanja and your musical Estonian team already it goes for Denmark!. We were thinking that it would be a few days before but... not already this Sunday!.

Today the magazine Õhtuleht has done a small interview to our friend, and between other information of less importance (as superstitions and eliminations of Estonia in the previous years, as always follow-ups to Loreen or to Pink or her performance on the May 6th in the position 3) speaks about the songs that more she likes (Hungary and Sweden), dance classic modern that abounds in many performances, a small change in the choreography (I have wanted to see it!) the wardrobe or the tests and tourism in Copenhagen of the days previous to the show...
View interview in Estonian in this link

Elu24 Magazine but also speaks briefly about Tanja and her performance in the third position
Little post in Estonian in this link
The final straight line of Tanja's international process is coming to the culminating moment... 

Tanja I hope that you enjoy this moment so much since could... a performance in a scene like this one only this one reserved for the best!. I don't have words...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crosswords about Tanja... Do you want to play?

We are going to amuse and to thinking a bit... do you like Tanja's music?. Here you can do a small crossword and in english. 

Evidently all the answers are in the blog... Do you know all the answers? ;)

Photo of the session of make-up to Tanja at Karaja for Eurovision

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tanja act on a charity event EAPN Foundation

Photo by Priit Simson

Tanja act during Easter holiday in a ceremony that it realized the foundation EAPN for the poor children. The Estonian Anti Poverty Network is an independent coalition of NGO-s whose activities are directed to reducing poverty and social exclusion in Estonia. 

Thanks Tanja for your time in this performance in this exciting act!.

 Link to new in Magazine Delfi


Photos of Tanja Mihhailova and Timo Vendt at Nightclub Sugar 18.04.2014

All photos by Allar Tiisler

Interesting interview to Tanja in ESCToday

This one is one of the interviews that have fulfilled more interesting to Tanja in the mass media.

Do not be if it will be current or already it has a few days but most emphasized from the words of her it is that Tanja says about choreography in Eurovision: "I have some “small” changes and surprises in my mind but if I’d tell you it wouldn’t be a surprise". 

What surprises will be in the choreography that will accompany "Amazing" in Eurovision?... More mistery?... what will our friend be thinking? ;)
Click in this link for interview

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A few hours! Your vote is important for Tanja... She can win EFR12 2014!!!!

"Amazing" Number one in TOP 10 Raadio Elmar!!!

After 11 weeks on the charts of Estonian radio "Raadio Elmar", the song "Amazing" has been rising in the top and finally, in the week 15 of this year, this wonderful song is NUMBER ONE in Estonia!!!. 

Congratulations to Tanja and to all that you have made possible this.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Have you voted for Tanja in the EFR12 league?

Honestly... I would like that Tanja win this nice award of radio stars of Eurovision in France. To vote she ranked among the top 15 finalists in the 36... Good job done!. Successfully passed the first phase (I think that Tanja still do not know this).

You have time to vote until April 20... If you like "Amazing" by Tanja you put the 12 points for her on this form and this link.
The verdict will be on April 25 at 21 am... and the prize will be awarded in the official Eurovision contest in Copenhagen.
Thanks for your contribution! ;) Good luck for Tanja!

Finished the musical Cabaret / Next events with Tanja

Yesterday it finished in the theatre Vanemuine of the city of Tartu the musical "Cabaret" where Tanja was interpreting Sally Bowles's role in this famous one. 
From October, 2012 the success has been very important and has placed in one of the works most visited in the last years for the public in Estonia. It does to us sadness that ends this interpretation but surely it will return in a future... now the diverse and intense international occupations of our friend will force her to alternate your theatrical agenda, principally still your active actions in "Viimane Kauboi" in Endla Teater of Pärnu or "Thriller" in Vanemuine of Tartu.

We you remember that you can see all the income relating to "Cabaret" in the label of the lateral right bar of this blog.
You can see the next actions of Thriller or Viimane Kauboi and buy the tickets in the following links:

Thriller (21.05.2014 / 22.05.2014)

Viimane Kauboi -Endla Teater/Pärnu- (25.04.2014 / 03.05.2014), this last date, obviously Tanja is in Denmark!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tanja in the social networks (opinions about Amazing)

To 22 days of the action in Eurovision and after 44 days of Tanja's victory in the Eesti laul (that rapid spends the time!) the social networks of the whole Europe they have spoken about our favorite artist.

If we notice of the serious comments, I omit the funny and absurd comments about Tanja, we can come to three conclusions: 

The first one: all the "journalists/bloggers", (when I say all they are all) when they speak about Tanja's biography choose the existing biography in the wikipedia in English (that the administrator of this blog did in his moment and later extended and modified by other authors without respect for whom initiated it) or for the existing biography in Tanja's official page. 

Until that she did not put that she came to Estonia to two months in her official page, nobody knew it (everything was in early age). There is few journalistic labor in this facet of many bloggers, only they limit themselves to copying.

The second conclusion: In general opinion, Tanja will have a classification without problems in the first semi-final but according to the "experts" in the final "Amazing" it will get lost in the half of the table.

The third conclusion and the most obvious: Tanja already is international... It is a great pleasure to translate writings on her in all the possible languages... before the Eesti laul we all know the task of this blog which was... 

The references to Loreen and to Pink are endless... and I say what already I said previously: In agreement, some movement us can resemble some previous action but.... who can live singing and dance this way? Does not this girl deserve 12 points? In addition the song is very good... then what?... constant I betting in what she can stay between the top 5 in the final. We already talked with Tanja concerning all these themes and she gave us her opinion on an interesting interview...

But it can be that the "Eurofans" moved by the bloggers and social means could come to the conclusion that really, this already is seen in Eurovision... Every one already is adult and knows what it has to do in the votings.

Now, we are going to do some reference of critiques in internationally blogs about Eurovision:

In the blog in Spanish "Eurovision noche y día" his author Javier Varela says: "Tanja is the best positioned one of the Baltic block in the bets where it occupies 18 place. Though it acts after Latvia (rival a priori weaker), Sanna Nielsen follow your performance and that might eclipse it. Probably manage to happen though possibly, in this case, one brings 10 over more to the position that to the positions of head".

Danny in the blog "Esc-chat.com" says: "I rather like this song and with the mass of ballads this year, there are relatively few female-led uptempo pop songs, so I think this will stand out. I think it’s definitely a qualifier, especially from the first semi-final which is 90% ballads. As for the final though, I don’t think it’s much of a contender as I imagine it will get a bit lost in the mix and it is likely to finish in the upper half of the right side of the scoreboard. I don’t think Estonia would be too disappointed with that result though". 

Pascal Cortina in the blog in french "L'Eurovision au quotidien" says: "Another feature: Tanja dance singing, which is not given to everyone. So, it irritates some who are in it makes her interesting to the public and which have the impression of seeing the Eurovision mix with Dancing with the Stars."

In wiwibloggs.com, Anthony one of wiwi juror says: "If you listen to this entry blindfolded, it sounds nothing like Thomas G:son’s masterpiece. Should history repeat itself this year, I’ll be more than happy to accept Tanja as the winner".

Rich H in The Eurovision song reviews says: "the odds makers currently place Estonia in the middle of the pack. While the bookies are only a barometer, I have to agree with them at this point. My feeling is that it won't be an 'amazing' finish for Tanja".

Perhaps the more curious anecdote it was, as the magazine Elu24 or Õhtuleht says done by the newspaper "The Independent" of Macedonia, in english version, which put the Polish singer Joanna Klepko instead of our friend in the photo of your post... Now they rectified but... there has been a funny story :) yes... it seems a little to Tanja, no? ;)

Well, here you have had a small sample of the critical about Tanja... now your opinion!